Sunday, 16 September 2007

T shirt mock-up

This image might benefit from some explanation, even if I feel that art should speak for itself. Firstly there is a pun that’s quite hard to get unless you know that Adobe is pronounced with a silent e in Sweden. Secondly it’s a comment on piracy, the ridicules cost to purchase CS3 and the state of the digital nation, the obvious use of a Photoshop filter is meant to emphasize this. As allways, click the image to view it in full size.


Isak Ström said...

would probably rather have gone for a Lancaster bomber or something similar of the WW2-era, with simply the black silhouetter of the bomber and bombs, with the adobe logos standing out in colour - this to make it actually workable for print.

Isak Ström said...

I can probably design that for you, if you feel like doing some out-sourcing.

Yvonne said...

death from above 1979.